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Created 2023-02-03
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Title Runescape 3 Araxxor as well Araxxi Introduction
Description Araxxor as well as Araxxi are massive spiders that are located inside the Araxyte Hive. They drop parts of araxxi's eyes and legs as well as spider legs, fang and web to make Level 90 Noxious weaponry. They are currently the second best two-handed weapons outside Dungeoneering, currently surpassed by god weaponry of tier 92 from Telos.

As of the 12 January 2015 update, the time it takes to try lobbying during the stages 1 and 2 (top and middle pathways) was doubled between 10 and 20 seconds. In the event that you attempt to lobby at the moment Araxxor appears will yield the message "Araxxor is calling your attention now." Players can still lobby normally in the event that the bottom path has been used, or when the 3rd phase is and later.

So, it's recommended to carry an araxyte the pheromone to create an account if you do not have the pheromone. This will cause Araxxor to spawn in the combat form which is the weakest form against you based on what is in your main hand slot.

Araxxor is located in a cavern south-east of Port Phasmatys called the Araxyte lair. Although it's not necessary however, having 92 Agility will allow the player to use the wall shortcut to avoid much of the path to the cavern if leaving from the gates. But, once you've killed Araxxi one time, the easiest method to access the lair is to use teleportation from a War's Retreat portal or the boss's portal that is tuned to.

Only one person or duo of players can access the base world at a time. If the battle is in progress, you will not be able enter and will have to pay the 200,000 coin instance fee to participate in Araxxor in the same world. Using an instance or holding araxyte pheromone in your inventory assures Araxxor in the preferred combat style, dependent on the weapon you were carrying in your primary hand at the time you entered the arena. If you don't have a weapon in your main hand, Araxxor will choose a random attack, regardless of what equipment is on hand in the off-hand slot. This can be dangerous, as the player's accuracy will drop if he spawns in a form equal to or superior to yours.

Araxxor has three paths that can be explored, but only two paths will be accessible during a specific rotation. The choice of path will determine the sequence of mechanics Araxxor utilizes, but during the third phase of the fight Araxxor will employ a variant of the unblocked path's mechanics.

Araxxor is available in one of three combat styles; he will always be capable of using a melee attack if his target is adjacent to him. This means that his ranged and magic types can use melee as well. His melee form uses melee exclusively, but has a longer attack range that can extend to 3 squares. It has a continuous bleeding effect that is non-specific and hits up to mid-six hundred.

The lair of Araxxor

The Araxxor's initial phase begins in a big room. There are two tunnels which are blocked by massive webs and the player must pick a tunnel, and light the web that is in front of it. It takes around a minute to completely burn and the player has to engage in a battle with Araxxor until the web is completely burnt. When a site has been ignited, the way is locked and player is not able to alter their mind or even burn the other web in this fight.

The moment you step over the burnt web will automatically start phase 2, regardless of the amount of health Araxxor has left from the first phase and his health will increase to 100,000 life points (except the dark path). The conditions to progress to phase 3 after phase 2 is dependent upon the path you choose - for the minions ' pathway, phase 3 is initiated by simply running to the end of the ledge. For acid path, it is possible to start phase 3 by climbing acid path, by climbing up the ramp after Araxxor has made enough damage to the wall to the point of degrading it, and the dark path after Araxxor has destroyed the wall completely.

Any remaining health not wiped out by Araxxor during phase 1 and 2 will be carried through to phase 3. Araxxor will regenerate health in phase 3 equivalent to the amount left in phases 1 and 2 when he's injured in phase 3. The speed of Araxxor's attacks is increased during phase 3 as well as he has access to the two paths that are open to special attack, it's recommended to inflict damage on Araxxor as much as possible before initiating phase 3.

Araxxor as Vorago, cannot be defeated until the phases have been completed and the requirements met.

Araxxor cannot be killed by the player, and drops nothing upon his death. If his life points are reduced to 0 before the third phase of the battle, you will instantly be healed with 5,000 points of life by spiders that are on the ceiling of the beehive. After his life points are reduced to 0 on his third turn, he'll retreat to a platform at the rear of the hive . There, he will be killed by the blow of his friend; Araxxi. Then, she will attack the attacker and kick off the finale of the fight.

When Araxxi is killed, Araxxor is able to begin with an additional 20% of enrage with a base enrage limit of 300%.

If a player passes away, their remains will be buried in the graveyard that can be found by right-clicking on the Araxyte cave's entry point.

Araxxor himself does not reward any drops. Instead, they come from the body of Araxxi the spider who kills Araxxor during the final part of the fight. The average Araxxor (via Araxxi corpse) kill is worth 504,246 coins. The corpse functions similarly to the Queen Black dragon's reward chest; items can be destroyed and placed into the player's inventory or delivered directly to the player's bank. It is also possible to gamble for a chance at getting an Araxyte pet. The corpse will always contain at least one unique drop, and at the very least, two additional drops. The drops contain the elements required to create level 90 two-handed Noxious weaponry and pets with unlockable skins. Araxxi is also the only monster that can drop flasks containing Overload. For a full listing of rewards, go to Araxxi's page.

Meleeing Araxxor will be interpreted as if you're fighting the variant that is ranged of Araxxor. Melee gives quick kills, due to the fact that both Araxxor (in it's ranged state) and Araxxi are weak against melee attack.

To ensure a smooth and safe killing, a halberd-like weapon such as the poisonous dragon rider's lance and scythe are highly advised. While it still leaves you in danger of an attack with a cleave however, the halberd's range can keep the player from being targeted by Araxxor's melee strikes during the first three phases. Araxxi will also be in the same way, which allows the swapping of prayers to be more efficient and staying clear of the random melee/magic attacks she makes.

If you're able to engage in melee with high enrage kills, use antipoison, or an enhanced armour piece that comes with the Venomblood perk, which can neutralize Araxxor and Araxxi's poison , as it increases based on their anger.

The Ranged spell is recommended for beginners or when dealing with high-enrage Araxxor due to the fact that magic Araxxor's side effect is stat drain. This effect is not a problem with Overloads (and their combinations). Clever attacks can be predicted and easy to avoid due to being a distance that exists between Araxxor with the character.

Magic is seldom used at Araxxor as, even though the Araxxor is invulnerable to magic and melee attack, his melee abilities will occasionally harm the player with bleeding that is not classless and increases with enrage. Araxxi, in addition, is powerful against magic attacks, which means your attacks will be missed more often; however, usage for the maniacal aura should yield acceptable accuracy.
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